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At J & A we are an independently owned company that takes pride in getting to know our customers. We provide precise guaranteed workmanship that puts our customers back on the road quickly, safely and economically and who we often meet… “just by accident”.

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“I’ve been a long-term customer of J & A. Recently, a car backed into my front bumper and it needed to be fixed. I was very satisfied with their work.”

Pat D.



People who have experienced an accident with their vehicle and need the damage repaired quickly, safely and economically.

People who also depend on expert professional assistance with the insurance adjustment, claim and approval process.


By always looking for ways to save you money.

By investing in the latest technologies to provide precise, quality workmanship.

By providing expert advice delivered in a friendly manner.

By being capable to consistently deliver on a promised delivery date.


As an independently owned business, we take the time to communicate and know our customers. Our technicians are professionally trained and take much pride in their work.


Environmental Mission

At J & A we take our responsibility to our environment very seriously. We have made a commitment to our community, our customers and our employees to reduce the environmental impact on our community and to provide a safe and healthy workplace. The very nature of our business requires us to use materials such as volatile organic compounds with particulate matter and hazardous air pollutants that impact on our environment and the health of our employees. Our customers search for an auto body shop that not only provides precise quality workmanship with a keen focus on cost, but one that also has respect for our environment. We have initiated an action plan with best practices that have fewer disruptions to our environment.

Such practices include:

  • Minimizing the risk to our environment regarding the handling
  • Storing and disposal of waste
  • The recycling of parts and raw materials
  • The use of water-borne paints to control the air quality inside our shop and spray booths
  • The installation of well ventilated spray booths with high technology filtering systems

At J & A, our business mission goes hand-in-hand with our environmental mission… putting people back on the road quickly, safely and economically and respect for our environment.

Safety Mission

At J & A, our best asset is the people that work for us; they are highly skilled and take much pride in their work. At J & A, we take care of our employees by ensuring that all work is carried out following the highest safety standards and using the safest equipment. At J & A, we return your vehicle’s safety features to its original specifications.

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At J & A we invest in the latest technologies to provide precise, quality workmanship.


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