The Dominion. Canada's Trusted Insurance Company

Dominion Insurance Company

  • Committed to service and high-quality repair work
  • Using the most advanced estimating and repair technologies
  • A single estimate is all that is required
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed

Allstate Priority Insurance

J & A is a participant of Allstate’s Priority Repair Option program offering customers:

  • Increased claims handling efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction
the co-operators

The Co-operators Insurance

  • Estimates are not required
  • Competitively priced… no additional charges
  • Industry-approved repair procedures and modern equipment
  • Complying with fire, environment and health regulations
  • Repairs are guaranteed

Royal Sun Alliance Assurance

J & A is a Royal Sun Alliance Approved and Authorized Collision Repair Centre

  • Lifetime guarantee while you own the vehicle
  • Repair facility of the customer’s choice
Pem Bridge Insurance Company

Pembridge Insurance Company

  • No need for external estimates… claims are accelerated
  • Expert repairs begin immediately
  • Certified using the latest technologies
  • Workmanship and repairs warranty
  • Customer option to choose their shop of choice

Unifund Assurance Insurance

  • Vehicle appraisal at the earliest possible time convenient for you
  • Appraisal reviewed electronically so work can begin on your vehicle without delay
  • If you have rental vehicle coverage, a vehicle may be provide right at the repair facility


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