A mechanic works on a car using the AccuView system

Simple – Accurate – Easy to use

No moving parts

No Calibration needed

No Lasers, No Targets, No adaptors, No Magnets


Frame Straightening

  • The Frame: Your vehicle’s skeleton onto which the body is built.
  • After a collision, the frame may need straightening using an automotive frame straightening machine.
  • Purpose: To reverse the inertia that came into the body from the collision.
  • Purpose: To re-install the panels properly and to ensure that the vehicle holds the road in true alignment.
  • At J & A: We use BlackHawk’s Power-Pro 2000 SL with a lifting capacity in excess of 9000 lbs.

BlackHawk – Shark

Frame Measuring

  • What it is: A computerized electronic measuring system for productivity improvements and the industry’s best speed and accuracy.
  • How it works: It relies on ultrasound technology providing “measure-as-you-pull” functionality that eliminates costly re-work.
  • At J & A: We use the Shark Collision Frame Measuring System.


RapidMatch™ Electronic Paint Formula Retrieval

  • Advanced optics vehicle colour measurement from 5 reflective angles.
  • The most up-to-date formula database, including Prime Variants and Special Formulas.
  • Match rating pointing to the most likely “blendable” match.
  • Provides the best formula that is the closest to the measured vehicle colour.
  • Filtered search minimizing the risk and providing help when tinting is necessary.
  • RapidMatch™ instrumentation integration with PaintManager™ program software.


Paint Booths

  • Modern paint booths are equipped for two modes of operation: Paint Mode during the painting process & Cure Mode providing high temperature return air/outside air mixtures to a maximum of 170° F for high-quality baked-on finishes.
  • At J&  A: We use the DeVILBISS Downdraft type Paint Booth


Paint Booths

  • Spray booth technology provides an optimum environment for automotive paint refinishing.
  • The enclosed coach-like booth uses wide-surface lighting removing both reflections and shadows without changing colour tonality.
  • An automatic paint drying bypass system controls the temperature and recycles the already warmed air.
  • At J & A: We use SAIMA’s GAMMA Paint Booths


Spray Guns

  • Spray gun technology has been refined for precision.
  • Using this technology, a uniform and perfectly shaped spray pattern can be applied softly and evenly.
  • Perfect atomization ensures brilliant finishes with rapid application speed.
  • At J & A: We use SATA’s 4000 B RP Digital Spray Guns.


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